Description. This Cotton Floor Dust/Dry Mop Set is a fully equipped, fully packaged cotton floor mop made for commercial and industrial use - meaning, it can take a harsh beating like a pro. Reasonably priced and high quality material will keep your offices spaces, warehouses and garages clean and sparkling.

Woolen Dry Mop Set

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Mop Head MaterialAcrylic
Rod MaterialAluminium
Type of MopsDry Mop
Is Bucket AvailableNo
Type of Mop HeadLooped End Mops
Model Name/Number123
Adjustable HandleYes
Replaceable HeadYes
Rod Length5 FEET
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 150 Piece

  • A "Wollen Dry Mop Set 24 inch" appears to be a cleaning tool used for dry mopping and is likely made of wool or a similar material. Here is a description of what you can typically expect from such a product:

    Description: The "Wollen Dry Mop Set 24 inch" is a cleaning tool designed to efficiently remove dust, dirt, and debris from various floor surfaces without the need for water or cleaning solutions. The key features of this dry mop set typically include:

    1. Size: The mop head is 24 inches wide, providing a broad cleaning surface for faster and more effective cleaning.

    2. Material: The mop head is made from wool or a similar material known for its ability to attract and trap dust and particles effectively.

    3. Handle: It comes with a handle for easy maneuverability, allowing you to reach under furniture and into tight spaces.

    4. Telescopic Handle: Some dry mop sets come with a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to your desired length for added convenience.

    5. Rotating Head: Some models may have a rotating or swiveling head, making it easier to access corners and angles.

    6. Easy Maintenance: These dry mop sets are typically easy to maintain. You can shake out the dust and wash the mop head as needed.

    7. Versatile Use: They can be used on a variety of floor types, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and linoleum.

    8. Efficient Dust Collection: The wool or similar material effectively collects and retains dust and debris, reducing the need for frequent cleaning or dusting.

    9. Eco-Friendly: Dry mops are an eco-friendly cleaning option since they don't require any chemicals or water, contributing to a reduction in water and chemical waste.

    10. Quick and Convenient: Dry mops are a quick and convenient solution for regular maintenance of your floors, helping to keep them clean and free of dust.

    Please note that the specific features and design may vary among different brands and models of "Wollen Dry Mop Sets." It's important to read the product description and user reviews when purchasing one to ensure it meets your cleaning needs and preferences.

  • 5 Feet Long Handle Helps in easy cleaning 24 inch refill for fast cleaning, can reach corners easily.
  • Used for dry mopping as well as wet mopping also used to clean walls, ceilings, glass windows
  • Easy To Assemble Handle and Replace The Mop Refills Without any Machine /Tools
  • Package contents: 1 handle , 1 flat refill, 1 bracket
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