Spin Mop

It has an extendable handle with 360-degree movement, allowing for efficient cleaning of both wet and dry surfaces. - The mop also features a water outlet and liquid dispenser for added convenience. - With non-abrasive lint-free materials and easy-to-move wheels, the Prime Spin Mop ensures quick and deep cleaning.

Plastic Bucket Mop

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Rod MaterialStainless Steel
Usage/ApplicationFloor Cleaning
Type of MopsWet Mop

Minimum order quantity: 25 Piece

A "Bucket Mop Set with Steel Jali" is a cleaning tool that typically consists of the following components:

  1. Bucket: This is the main container used for holding water and cleaning solution. It usually has a handle and is designed to be easy to carry. Some buckets come with separate compartments for clean water and dirty water, helping to keep the mop clean.

  2. Mop: The mop is a cleaning tool with a long handle and a mop head that is typically made of microfiber or other absorbent materials. It is used for mopping and cleaning floors.

  3. Steel Jali (Sieve): The steel jali, also known as a sieve or strainer, is a component that helps wring out excess water from the mop head. It typically consists of a perforated steel plate that allows water to drain out while retaining the mop head.

The steel jali is a critical part of the mop set as it helps control the moisture level of the mop, ensuring that it is neither too wet nor too dry for effective cleaning. This type of mop set is often used for household cleaning and can be a convenient and efficient way to keep your floors clean.

Please note that the exact design and features of a bucket mop set with a steel jali may vary depending on the brand and model you choose.


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